Below are testimonials from some of my clients:

“Olga is my saving grace! I have a ten year old pug that is very stuck in her ways and is used to a lot of attention. I really appreciate Olga’s genuine love for animals and dogs especially. If you need someone who truly cares about your dog and their quality of life, Olga will do just that. She’s well aware of the dangers and risks of pugs overheating in the summer heat and also their inability to breathe sufficiently in the heat if too warm. She requested I have a cooling vest for my pug as soon as it began to be warm out..which is I really appreciate! As my pug has brachycephalic syndrome and can overheat very easily. I feel reassured that Olga is educated and prepared to keep my dog safe and healthy. She also communicates with me after every dog walk, which reassures me while I’m at work, that my fur baby is okay and that she has eaten her dinner while I’m gone.” – Bonnie D

“Olga is without a doubt the best dog walker I have ever come across, in addition to being a wonderful woman! She knows and loves dogs as much as they love her. She and my dog Oliver were completely in love with each other. She has never once missed a walk because of illness, weather, or any other reason. She is completely 100% reliable, and her rates are very reasonable. I love her!” – Marissa G

“We have been using Olgas dog walking service since 2016. Our dogs Charlie and Jose love her, and we love how accommodating and flexible she is. She has been wonderful.” – Jason H

“Olga is gentle and loving but also firm when she has to be. We feel Teddy has grown more confident and happy and outgoing…miracle! we are very happy with Dawggonawalkin and Olga certainly has the right touch with dogs.” – Nisia M

“Lucky ‘dogs/cats’ to have you as a care-giver. Too bad we can’t clone you for more areas in the city. You’ve always been so supportive of me and my guys…dependable, loyal and communicative at all times. You’ll make a lot of pet owners happy, knowing their babies/family member(s) are in your care!” – TW

“I am so lucky I found Olga! Bowie, my giant Great Dane puppy, is absolutely in love with her. She is reliable, trustworthy and an all around lovely person. As new puppy owner, I especially appreciate her text updates after a walk. And she always follows any special instructions that I leave. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a fellow dog lover to walk their pooch” – Katie M.

“We have been lucky enough to have found Olga from Dawg Gone a Walkin, for our two Schnoddles. We get to have Olga come in three times a week to take them out in the middle of our work day. Olga is always on time and always sends me a text when she is finished their walk. I get an update on how things went with their constitution and their mental well being. Olga pays attention to their health, when I let her know something is out of sorts she even checks in with me even on her day off as to how they are doing. I would recommend you have Olga look after your family members!” – Brenda L.

“Olga is by far the best dog walker I have ever had. She loves animals and treats all her charges with tender loving care. She is very reliable and always gives you feedback on your doggies’ daily walks. I highly recommend her. She is a true keeper.” – Raeanne E.

“Olga has been walking Luke since I brought him home as a pup. Thanks to the long walks with Olga, he is very well socialized. I only trust Olga to come in to our home to care for our pets. I know she loves them as much as I do!” – Vanessa F.

“Olga has been walking my French bulldog for 5 years. She is reliable, trustworthy and an all around sweetheart. I would highly recommend having Olga walk your pup!” – Kasey C.

“Olga is the greatest. Stella loves her. She is very accommodating.” – Mike G.

“Our experience with Olga is just the greatest not to mention our dog is in love with her too.Very friendly, reliable and professional. I recommend her to all. We feel very comfortable having Olga as a part of our little family. 5 stars all the way!” – Jen B

“I see Olga everyday walking regulars like Rosie or Marvin. She is attentive to the dogs, and truly enjoys her time with them. It’s nice to see some who loves what they do.” – Tom, Store Manager, Bosley’s Yaletown

“Dependable, trustworthy and very professional is how I would describe Olga. She has looked after my best friend Marvin every week day while I’m at work. I never have to worry about him when Olga is with him but more importantly, I never have to worry about Olga not showing up or cancelling last minute (like a lot of flakey craigslist dog walkers I tried before I was lucky enough to find Olga). She’s a true professional!” – Michael G.

“Olga has been walking my dog Piper for the past seven years and I can’t rave enough how wonderful she is with my little girl. Olga is super friendly, trustworthy and loving person I’m sure you’ll be happy with her service taking good care of your pooch.” – Asiza D.

“We are so grateful to have found Olga to take our Duck Toller, ‘Stetson’ out for walks in Yaletown. It’s a great comfort to know he is so well taken care of when he is out with Olga. He is so excited when she comes to pick her up and very happy when he returns, couldn’t ask for a better person to care from him when we are away, or even home and busy with work. We also love the fact that she finds the right group to walk together so Stetson, who is VERY social, gets to spend time with other dogs. Stetson enjoys It so much, and we feel socialization is so important, that we now have him on a schedule with Olga.” – Juliana C.

1 Response to Testimonials

  1. Olga has cared for two of my dogs (Chloe & Bailey) over the past 5-7 years. She has been a loyal and thoughtful individual who had an instant connection with my ‘family’. With a varied work schedule, I was impressed how Olga could come over and care for my two dogs with the same kind of love and focus that I give them. Olga communicated any concerns by leaving thorough notes or even a phone call if it was something that needed my attention. The dogs were always relaxed, fed and tuckered out from healthy walks & play by the time I would get home. I felt total comfort having Olga come and go from my personal home as she bonded with my pups. Olga is trustworthy and caring. My dogs ‘light up’ when they are with her. She has a firm grasp on any ‘doggy behavioral’ issue, endless patience but most important Olga ‘connects’ with animals quickly and she has this uncanny way of relating to each dog ‘individually’ as my guys were very different and required varied approaches. I would recommend Olga to anyone with a dog, ‘big or small’. if you want someone who is 100% dependable, communicates in a heartfelt way and does her work with a professional outlook. Thank-you Olga for your support and care when looking after ‘my family’, I never went to work with a worry or concern when I could count on you to nurture and care for my ‘kids’. Warm Regards, Thomas

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