About Olga

About Olga Mancini

Hello!  I’m Olga.  I have always been a very busy career woman.  Life at work was hectic, but all my stresses would melt away when I came home to my beloved pets at the end of each day.

Olga and one of her many friends

I have always loved (and owned) pets of all types.  Being a very fitness oriented person, it suddenly hit me that I should do what I love to do – devote my time to the creatures that have brought me so much joy over the years.

My pets are like my family.  I know yours are as well.  I wouldn’t trust my pets to just anybody – and you shouldn’t either!  To that end, I feel it is important that we meet before we work together.  At that time, I can show you my insurance papers (yes, I’m insured!) and my criminal record check. (yes, it is spotless!).

I am skilled at walking dogs, cat sitting and even giving injections if needed.  (my beloved cat Jasper needs daily insulin for his diabetes.).

Give me a call or email me today.  I would love to help with your pet care.

Warm regards,


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