Dapper Mac!

Here is a picture of another adorable client.   This is dapper Mac.  He is a handsome, gentle, & very determined French Bulldog.  After each of our walks he waits patiently, looking regal for his gourmet lunch.  Who can possibly resist that face???


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Cutie Pie Alert

My newest clients……they are both 2 adorable Chihuahua ‘s. The dark coloured one is named Violet & she is Olga1very sweet, shy, warm & reserved, yet very obedient when called upon. The lighter one is named Lille , she is protective, loving & very affectionate.  I have the best job in the world!!!! 


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A Loving Tribute to Oliver

Oliver was a gentle 9 year old  Schipperke who had beautiful brown eyes and a handsome face that resembled a fox. He loved his walks and I very much enjoyed walking him as he was obedient, smart and fun. Each time I picked him up I could hear him barking in anticipation of our time together. My fondest memories was going to Sunset Beach and watching him spend time in the water while barking happily at other dogs when they came near. When we came to the end of our walks along the seawall Oliver would look up at me as if to say “where are the treats”, because he knew I had an assortment of goodies that he loved.

Oliver will never be forgotten as he was dog who had a very sweet disposition and a kind, sensitive personality.

R.I.P. little buddy xo


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Happy Birthday Chanel!

Last Sunday I was invited to my very first doggy birthday party!  It was hosted by Mike & John at their beautiful home.

It was the 3rd birthday of their adorable Yorkie, Chanel.  There were  many other wagging tails at the party, which I happen to have some photos of below!  Thanks for a great time everyone.

The gorgeous Italian Isabella!

Piper (aka Piperella)

Chanel, the birthday girl!
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I Have the Best Job in the World!

These are my two adorable Yorkie girls Evita 6 & Chanel 3…….I love them!

Soooooooooooooo cute!!!

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The Adorable Story of Jasmine

True Story.

In 2003, police in Warwickshire , England , opened a garden shed and found a whimpering, cowering dog. The dog had been locked in the shed and abandoned It was dirty and malnourished, and had quite clearly been abused.

In an act of kindness, the police took the dog, which was a female greyhound, to the Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, which is run by a man named Geoff Grewcock, and known as a haven for animals abandoned, orphaned, or otherwise in need.

Geoff and the other sanctuary staff went to work with two aims: to restore the dog to full health, and to win her trust. It took several weeks, but eventually both goals were achieved. hey named her Jasmine, and they started to think about finding her an adoptive home.

Jasmine, however, had other ideas. No one quite remembers how it came about, but Jasmine started welcoming all animal arrivals at the sanctuary. It would not matter if it were a puppy, a fox cub, a rabbit or, any other lost or hurting animal. Jasmine would just peer into the box or cage and, when and where possible, deliver a welcoming lick.

Geoff relates one of the early incidents. “We had two puppies that had been abandoned by a nearby railway line. One was a Lakeland Terrier cross and another was a Jack Russell Doberman cross. They were tiny when they arrived at the centre, and Jasmine approached them and grabbed one by the scruff of the neck in her mouth and put him on the settee. Then she fetched the other one and sat down with them, cuddling them.”

“But she is like that with all of our animals, even the rabbits. She takes all the stress out of them, and it helps them to not only feel close to her, but to settle into their new surroundings.

She has done the same with the fox and badger cubs, she licks the rabbits and guinea pigs, and even lets the birds perch on the bridge of her nose.”

Jasmine, the timid, abused, deserted waif, became the animal sanctuary’s resident surrogate mother, a role for which she might have been born. The list of orphaned and abandoned youngsters she has cared for comprises five fox cubs, four badger cubs, fifteen chicks, eight guinea pigs, two stray puppies and fifteen rabbits – and one roe deer fawn. Tiny Bramble, eleven weeks old, was found semi-conscious in a field. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, Jasmine cuddled up to her to keep her warm, and then went into the full foster-mum role. Jasmine the greyhound showers Bramble the roe deer with affection, and makes sure nothing is matted.

“They are inseparable,” says Geoff. “Bramble walks between her legs, and they keep kissing each other. They walk together round the sanctuary. It’s a real treat to see them together.

Jasmine will continue to care for Bramble until she is old enough to be returned to woodland life. When that happens, Jasmine will not be lonely. She will be too busy showering love and affection on the next orphan or victim of abuse.

And, just in case you wondered, Snopes.com has verified the truth of this wonderful story.  The link below has pictures of this wonderful dog, giving so much love to others:


If you want to see her in action, here is a video on Jasmine from You Tube.

Sadly, Jasmine passed away in October 2011.  She is a great example of the healing power of love.

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Remembering Apollo

This is a tribute to an amazing dog called Apollo who was a male Cane Corso. He was my son’s dog for the first 2 years of his life but unfortunately had to give him up. We are so blessed & grateful that for the last 11 years he had the most loving home a dog could ever have! His lovely owner was Donna. Beautiful Apollo, almost 13 years old, past away in his sleep early Wednesday morning.
We will always love & remember you Apollo!
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Adorable Izzy

This is a noble photo of Izzy who is one of my clients. He is an adorable 4 year old toy Maltese who has some attitude! Loves to run, bark at big dogs & lets me know what direction he wants to walk too!  It is easy to see why I love my job!
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Pet Owners Leaving Pets Alone for too Long

The Vancouver Sun reported that people in the city are leaving their pets alone for too long during the day.  It is understandable given how hard everyone has to work these days.  But pets left alone experience loneliness and anxiety.

That is where I am happy to help.  Let me give your pet a welcome break during the day.  A good long walk and a nice bathroom break will tire your dog out and make for a happier and healthier pet.

Here is a link to the Vancouver Sun article.  Just click it to view.

Doggone pet owners leaving Fido home alone for too long

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Welcome to Dawg Gone A Walkin’

Hello!  Welcome to Dawg Gone A Walkin’.  I have included information on my site so you can get a feel for who I am and what I do.  Feel free to click around and call me if you have any questions.

Warm regards,


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